What readers are saying

Unleash Possible helps you create the necessary (but often elusive) connection between product, sales, and marketing.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Unleash Possible is a no-nonsense book with actionable advice that marketers can use to realize their company’s potential.  Samantha does this leveraging her straight-forward manner, citing her own real-life experiences to illustrate not just what to do, but how to do it.  Easy to read and entertaining to boot, Unleash Possible is a must read for any marketer looking to honestly evaluate their marketing plan and hinge it to what’s important to their company.

Maribeth Ross, CMO Monetate

Unleash Possible is a shot in the arm for any marketer (or sales person) who is needing guidance and support.  The pages are that of a coach who is encouraging their team that the seemingly impossible is indeed achievable.  Marketing executives should add this book to their teams reading list as not only does it encourage teams to get up and get going, it provides practical advice and insights that can implemented immediately.

Carlos Hidalgo CEO; ANNUITAS Author of Driving Demand 

Rarely do you find a practical, accessible resource that seamlessly combines sales and marketing into a coherent and motivating call to action as Samantha has written here.  Highly recommended read by those new (and old) to B2B sales and marketing (yes both sides of the aisle and funnel!).

Matt Heinz President  |  Heinz Marketing Inc

The most realistic assessment of what’s going on in B2B marketing today that I’ve seen. I love the practical, actionable slant, and the case studies that are used to illustrate the story.

Anne Janzer, Marketer and Author

Unleash Possible” is filled with case studies and practical “how-tos” delivered with Samantha’s warmth and unique insight. It lends a clear path for how to progress your organization forward. She not only shares what we should, and should not, be doing, but she shows you how to get it done, and how to hold marketing accountable to meaningful business metrics.

Claudine Bianchi CMO, ClickSoftware

This is a book that should not only be read by marketers. It’s a book that should be on the desk of every executive in the company. It should be required reading for the head of sales, technology, and most importantly, the CEO, to help create a shared vision of marketing to grow and sustain the business (and to do it well!)

Jere Doyle, Managing Director at Sigma Prime Ventures

I first had the privilege of working with Samantha nearly 20 years ago, when I watched her build one of the most dominant Channels Marketing organizations in the document management software space. Since then, I have considered her a trusted advisor in helping me to develop marketing, lead generation, and sales-driving strategies within retail organizations ranging in size from start-ups to $70B/yr in revenue. Samantha is fantastic at helping business leaders explore innovative solutions with a smart balance of creativity, pragmatism, and insight. Unleash Possible delivers the same fantastic best practices that I have seen drive success for her companies and clients.

Jamie Dooley, Retail eCommerce Executive